Noise during sex

So whenever my boyfriend and I get “down to business” (😉) he usually stays really quiet and closes his eyes while he enjoys whatever we end up doing. **I’ve already gotten a bit dramatic and asked him honestly if he’s thinking about other people or whatever, just wondering why he isn’t more vocal and doesn’t look at me. I’m actually really sure it’s not because he’s thinking about other women, so that’s good...right?

Anyways, I personally can’t help but moan and wanna look at him sometimes because I wanna really feel that connection yknow? I just wanna know if y’all think there’s a disconnect between us or if you think maybe we both just enjoy it different ways. If that’s the case have you experienced that and do you have any suggestions on how we can compromise so we’re both more comfortable and we can both enjoy it more? Thanks queens 👸💕