CP early pregnancy

I know everyone says cp is not an indicator of pregnancy. I’m 7 dpo & been having af cramps. I have 14-15 day luteal phase, so way too early for af cramps.

Checked cervix & it is high, pointing to the back, (I had trouble finding OS) Then noticed it was very tightly closed. I’ve been checking cervix for years, just around O & during 2ww. And my OS NEVER closes. Ever. It always seems about the same, but is more open during O. I never checked before giving birth to 2 babies, so guess that’s just how it is now. W my 3rd baby, I checked around time af was due, & couldn’t find my cervix. It went so high I couldn’t reach it, & panicked lol.

So I know anything dif or unusual could be a good sign. Anyone have their cervix close during very early preg?

Praying for a bfp this Christmas!!