Medicaid while pregnant, wanting to change hospitals


I hate having to ask this, and I hate having to put myself out to be judged over being pregnant on Medicaid but things happen...

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I had to sign something saying I would use that specific hospital for all of my pregnancy needs with Medicaid. Since then I’ve had a lot of complications and now doubt the hospital I’ve chosen is handling my problems accordingly. At first I thought it was just my doctor, but I had to go to the hospital over the weekend and once again it was like what I was going through didn’t matter, I got no answers to anything other “baby is okay”, yes thank you for telling me something I never doubted. Thank you for never asking exactly what brought me in and why I felt the need to leave my husband and toddler to come to the hospital. Instead having me sit for 2 hours in pain with no answers.

Has anyone ever tried to change hospitals while pregnant with Medicaid?

Should I just suck it up and deal with my problems for the pregnancy and realize I’m getting no help?