Let me know your opinion

Okay so I kinda started talking to this guy like 4 weeks ago and we hang out on weekends and all that. But we always go to my friends house and we all hang out and party a bit. But my friend became friends with his ex girlfriend. And now she’s been coming over too on the weekends. And she didn’t know me and the guy were talking but then she found out when he left w me and she was saying how she was gonna beat my ass bcuz he left w me.(she was drunk) but anyway last weekend she texted me and was saying that it’s fine that we have something going on and she doesn’t have anything against me and she’s not in the equation anymore and that she wants us to like each other. And I was like yay cool and all that. But later that night me and him left but we came back and fell alseep on the couch and we were cuddling. But then she got all pissed and left and said that we were disrespectful for doing that. And she was in the other room and we weren’t trying to rub it in her face and stuff we were just doin us. But now I feel bad and sick to my stomach for her and he said he doesn’t care cuz their not together. But idk did I do something wrong cuz idk what to do??