Is something there or is it my eyes. ?

I have a really irregular and heavy period where I’ve hemorrhaged and it caused anemia, I have precancer with a genetic disease and a ton of other health issues. I have a 2 year old that I got pregnant with from clomid. We want to try for baby #2 and my midwife wants me to try without clomid first because she really thinks my body could conceive without clomid now. So I stopped my birth control a month or so ago and i still have yet to start bleeding, we started trying right away. I started wondering where the heck my period is because usually it starts right away and I’ve also have been nauseous (which could just be the prenatals 🤢) but I’ve had a lot of symptoms I had first with my daughter, I know if I am, I am EARLY. I was 3 weeks when I found out with my daughter and the doctors thought I was crazy for seeing a line “that wasn’t there” even though after 2 months it was bold! It took 10 weeks for it to show up bold. Well here I am and everyone I’ve asked including my fiancé, sees the faint and very light line, so I mess with the filter and it becomes more visible. There’s been 3 tests like this. I just want to know I’m not just seeing things. And I want to know there’s no way it’s a false positive, and I’m probably super early..

I just don’t want to get my hopes up that I somehow conceived on my own just to be crushed.

What do you think ladies?

Note* this is the third test I’ve gotten like this , this one being the darkest.