Shortened Cervix, spotting and funneling at 27 weeks!



So I’m currently 27+3 and leading up to Christmas I was insanely busy and running around like a chicken with my head cut off (as I’m sure many of you were). On the 20th I started to notice some pink in my CM, and then it got worse over the few days following. Nothing drastic, just some brown and small red streaking in the discharge.

Boxing Day my family convinced me to call my OB and see what’s up - so I did. They told me to go into emerg to get checked out. They ordered an ultrasound for the next morning. They ended up doing a normal abdominal ultrasound, then a translabial, then an internal one to find out that my cervix is shortened to less than 7mm and I have a large amount of funneling.

The doctor in emerg just told me to take it easy until my normal OB appt on Monday the 31st, and that they would advise me then as to how they’re going to manage it. He said if I have any contractions or leakage I need to go in to the hospital right away as I’m likely in labour 😳.

I’m curious, is anyone else experiencing this or something similar? What was your instruction? Were you put on bed rest or did you have to have a cerclage? Any info or experience will be helpful!

I want this baby to keep cooking!