BD 2 days before O, what are the possibilities??

Hello girls, so we BD'ed on the 24th (alot of CM & his liquid when i say alot ALOT😋 sorry tmi). My CM was eggwhite. We didnt do anything the following days because of visiting & staying with relatives until the 26th (that day we didnt finish but there was alot of pre-ejac sorry tmi). I took a OPK and it was + & the 27th + too but he got performance anxiety and didnt finish :( What are my chances? Can i add: We want another baby close in age. This will be my last pregnancy God willing. Just had twinsies 6months ago. TIA Blessed day & Happy New Years everyone! May all your wishes come true 2019!!

My cycles are 23 days and AF lasts 4-5days. My last cycle af was late by 5 days then had a 3 day bleeding. Prior to the bleeding i took a test and was very faint pos then after the bleeding was Neg.