hi, i may be in the wrong group but i couldn’t figure out where to post this. I’m 17 and my boyfriend is 18, we’ve been dating for a year and almost 4 months. he recently went away for college in the fall. he’s in south carolina and i’m in new york, so you can already sense the long distance issue there. i’m still a senior in high school and he’s a freshman in college. when we dated while we were both in high school i never had any issues with jealousy, considering he went to an all boys catholic school. but now he’s away and he has friends that are girls, which i don’t mind and i trust him and them considering they all follow me on instagram and they tell him about the boys they like at school, but i still can’t help but find myself constantly thinking about them or being jealous or comparing myself to them. and i know it bothers my boyfriend and it drives me insane and idk how to stop it.

Correction- its not that i think he’s gonna cheat or anything, it’s more like they get to see him so much and i don’t. i’m jealous of the fact that they get to see him everyday and i don’t. it’s more about me missing him. like he’s in a frat, so there’s gonna be functions he’ll need dates for and it’s gonna end up being one of them and not me and that’s what hurts me. it frustrates me that i don’t get to be there and stuff. idk. but it’s not about me trusting him or anything because i know he wouldn’t do anything and the girls wouldn’t try anything. it’s also just a new dynamic of him having friends that are girls because he did go to an all boys catholic school and not have any friends that were girls while we were dating last year.