Eager In-laws


I know feelings will vary from person to person on this--but how did you handle people offering to help you after delivery? I'm super close with my parents, and they will come to help right after our baby is born.

My in-laws are asking about coming to help too, but I have more concerns about them stressing me out. I really want them to feel included, and they would never intentionally step on toes, but my MIL can do that easily without trying. It takes me a level of patience during usual visits, so I'm trying to figure out how a visit would work during a time when I'm hormonal and overtired. 😂

Both sets of parents live 10 hours away in the same area. Just curious to know how these conversations went for you ladies when dealing with this - and what types of expectations or boundaries need to be set up beforehand.

How long did visits last? What sorts of help were you receiving?