Breanna • PCOS 😔💙 06.05.16 💑💍💙 TTC BABY #1 👶🏻 🍼 •PROVARA 10MG 🤞🏻❤️

Hey ladies, I’m currently 8DPO & today I woke up with milky white cm, it was more like lotion and I also had a DIP in my BBT today. Could this mean I conceived? I have been having mild cramping, hot flashes, I also got a random cold which people say could be due to “progesterone levels” & my boobs feel extremely heavy, also have really bad stinky gas 🙈 I have been having some what it feels like “twinges” but it could just be the gas!

If I’m right implantation occurs anywhere between 6-12 days.

What were you’re symptoms during your TWW? & please don’t tell me people don’t get symptoms this early because a lot of woman actually do.