10 days late but BFN


I am 10 days late for my period. My cycles are not perfectly regular (most average 35 days, occasionally have had off cycles anywhere from 29-42 days) today is day 44 of my cycle (which is the longest I have ever tracked and I’ve been tracking for 2 years) as far as symptoms I have sore boobs and nasal congestion. I have also noted increased CM, eggwhite texture. Occasional cramps/ twinges for past two weeks- but I brushed off as pre menstrual. I keep thinking my period is starting but just lots of mucus coming out clear. I took an OPT just to check if I’m O’ing now late- hence the eggwhite mucus- but that was faint/negative. I have been taking a pregnancy test every day since my period was due- 10 days ago. Starting to get frustrated! Just want to know one way or the other but praying for a BFP. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or ended up being pregnant but had a delay in getting the BFP? My only thought is maybe I ovulated late in cycle- hence the later period- so if I am pregnant maybe I’m just too early still. Help!