Would you be upset with your partner here?

I can’t get him to come to my family holidays. I go to his, I always have.

But when I ask him to come to mine he gets defensive. He says “I just don’t fit in there and don’t feel comfortable”

I didn’t feel comfortable around his family for 2 years yet I still made an effort to know them and went to family holidays. It’s been 4 years and he has spent one holiday with my family. They ask me every year why he’s not around. They get him Christmas presents and I have to take them to him. Like, they are thinking of you when doing their shopping and like you and buy you presents when they’ve never been obligated to and you still don’t show up.

I just feel like it’s very rude and really upsetting and he knows I feel this way. I don’t know what to do.

If I am going to spend my life with a man, I want him to know my family and associate with them. I don’t want my kids asking why dad doesn’t come to grandmas Christmas.