Decreased supply


Here’s a quick fill in of me! I delivered 12/10, I was trying to breastfeed while in the hospital, then my baby got jaundice really bad so we had to be re admitted to the hospital, and they told me I needed to bottle feed and breastfeed! I did but never got much milk! I’m trying to pump mostly because my baby doesn’t latch good because i have big boobs and i think he’s suffocating! I was pumping 3 oz, I started slacking and wasn’t pumping or letting him try to latch as much so my supply went down! I’m trying to rebuild my supply but I’m having a hard time! How long should it take to get more milk coming!? I’m drinking lots of water, I drank a blue Powerade, I’ve power pumped and I’m pumping every two hours! I have made milk cookies but not today I will tomorrow! Can anyone give me any more advice? How much longer to try!? Help please!!