Making room for baby

DYvette 💗 3🎀 hoping for 💙 3/11/19

The tree is down & the house is back to normal FINALLY but I haven’t even started on his preparing baby’s room 🙊🙈🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been procrastinating and working like a fool! I even worked during my holiday break which I go back to work next Tuesday! I have three girls & luckily they decided to share rooms! Not only dose hubby need to move them into one room he also has to get the carpet cleaned & help me decorate the soon to be nursery. He has 70 days & I need to pick out a crib plus color scheme & wall decals. I figured it’s too late to do wall paper. Am I the ONLY ONE not ready for baby? I mean my youngest is will be 5 when Darson is born (🚨🚨🚨baby name exposed) which means we’ll be buying all new baby stuff. Or at least most of the baby stuff will be new! I opted out of a baby shower due to time not being on my side and my youngest daughters birthday is 4 days before my due date!!!

I’m so overwhelmed