So I’m 9 weeks and I found out my S.O cheated on me .. I kicked him out he’s not even remorseful just giving me sappy ass I’m sorry wish I could take it back blah blah. Well I told him to come back home and now he’s not wanting to claiming he wants to get his own place cuz I’m not gonna be kicking him out and if I want I can live with him. So basically I’m trying and fighting so hard to make things right between us as if I was the one In the wrong and he’s not trying to fix things.. I’m so upset I’ve been on the couch crying for the past 2 days. I’ve even asked him to come and comfort me so we can talk and he tells me “I don’t feel like driving there or I’m tired” I want this child but I cannot have a baby father like him. Am I wrong for thinking abortion please help 😭😞😞 my baby already has a heart beat and I feel so bad as a mother. I already have a 4 yr old and I went thru the single mom stage already. I can’t bare to do this again. I can’t eat or even function correctly. But Monday is here and momma bear needs to get back to normal my little one comes home and she needs me all of me. Positive vibes please✨