I got my Christmas gift

Natasha • My husband and i have been ttc for 11 months and and have had one chemical. We are so happy to be pregnant with baby #1 and we pray for a happy and healthy baby. Baby dust to all! 3 years later we are trying for baby #2 baby dust for all🤗😍

Me and my husband decided to start trying for a baby boy. Being that my husband is the last to pass on the name we have 2 girls. My af was due on Christmas and it never showed and I was so busy opening gifts that I forgot so a day later my husband asked me if my af had came and then he asked me if he finally did it😏. For the fact we had only been trying a few months I am so happy and am raining baby dust on all who want it😉

Ps. Edd 09/01/2019 and my husband and daughter were born in September.