Stillbirth(graphic images)


On July 2 I went into the emergency room because I hadn’t felt my baby move all day. I was 23 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. When the doctor came in he brought the portable ultrasound in with him. He started the ultrasound and said he was having a hard time finding her I told him she’s behind my placenta so it could be a little harder but in that moment I knew she was gone. They took my back in the ultrasound room acting like everything was fine, the doctor spent 45 minutes staring at the screen not saying a word. The second he opened his mouth he told me he was sorry that he tried everything he could to find a heartbeat but there wasn’t one there anymore. In the moment a huge piece of me died. I begged God not to take my baby. I told my husband I was sorry because I felt like it was my fault. On July 3rd I went back in and was induced and had my baby girl she was 12 ounces and looked just like her older sister. They told me my placenta started to deteriorate and my daughter had been dead for 7 days before I went in. Giving birth to my dead baby was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. I just want everyone to know who has ever gone through this or even a miscarriage that you are NOT alone. And if you’re like me and had suicidal thoughts after going through something like that please reach out for help please talk to someone ANYONE!