Should I take this?

Okay so background story at 16w and some change I had a UTI and was prescribed an antibiotic- can’t remember the name of it 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I was prescribed Metrodinaolze gel for bv. Anyways right when I was about to finish the BV gel and the antibiotic (second time being prescribed the gel, almost positive I had been given the antibiotic for the UTI before as well) I had I broke out in a really bad hives rash all over my body a few hours after taking a shower (hadn’t used any new products in the shower).

Anyways I was really itchy and fell asleep so I didn’t finish the last dose of BV gel or my antibiotic. I continued to breakout in hives for 3 more days before going to the ER for swelling on my hands, feet and extreme itching.

They said I was having an allergic reaction to something but they didn’t know what 🙄 (don’t have any known allergies)

Anyways I still have some BV gel left and I’m having symptoms of BV agin... mainly burning it’s not a UTI it’s definitely coming from my vagina.

If you were me would you take the BV gel? I’m also 24w5d pregnant

I really don’t know if the hives were related to one of the prescriptions or what 🤔