Kind of--- update (long)

Hi y'all I'm back with a tiny tiny update if you all have been following my previous post then you're going to know what I'm somewhat talking about---go read those first and PLEASE Do NOT ask any questions I have said multiple times I'll answer when I'm ok emotionally to do so..... anyways my husbands-our friend S came by tonight and gave me somewhat news to hopefully go by I'm very thankful for him being by my side right now as I couldn't do it without him S is friend/family now he did say that my husband doesn't want to talk to me just yet /-which I expected but I did feel him say "I love yous baby girl" in the background spirt in then after that I instantly cried and cried all while S held me 😭😭😭 we still need all the prayers we can get as it still doesn't look nor sound good! I'm exhausted physically mentally and emotionally and very depressed over this but that's the only update I have gotten so far! NO he hasn't asked about the babies and he shouldn't right now we all are adjusting to NOT having him he isn't here but he is sending me signs to keep on being strong don't worry baby we all miss and love you like crazy I needed that I love you sunset you are amazing your parents everyone is fighting for you you can do this my love I still need you I need your strength your wisdom the babies need their daddy so please pray 🙏💔💔😭😭😭

Please god help me forgive and let go of the anger in my heart my babies need their mama and daddy please hold on to his hand and never let it go please be my strength when I feel like a failure we need a miracle my husband please never let go of me I love you we will be a happy family someday 💕💔 Amen 🙏

PS: for all you nosey people that are still going to try and ask questions something happened that I'm NOT talking about at this time and please don't make assumptions about what it could be... and that's all i will say about it is something happened... I'm ok today but there are days when I feel like giving up because I'm struggling so bad! But I'm learning to adjust to our new beginning!

And if you red all the way down through my heartbreak y'all are the MVPs 👏

Oh and please remember to be kind because this hard for me to share also not everyone's "hard" is the same.. let's embrace kindness all of 2019! Give a blessing to someone in need you may be the only person that helps them or made them smile AND If you want to make me smile comment something funny a quote or just a simple message 🎀