hormones or paranoia?

this might not be right group? idk i just posted here because this is the one i’m in most.

but have you ladies ever dealt with witnessing your man interested in someone else. not out right obvious. but just small little moments when with friends and then just get this feeling that you might be right and it’s not in your head?

kind of going through. but def trying to not stress being 17w + trying to not start something that could be nothing.

i just noticed his interest in this person when they speak and he isn’t that way with me. this person is indeed in a relationship + doesn’t show interest back. but man has. and i noticed tonight. then noticed he searched for her on fb. am i being paranoid since her bf is a good friend of his? we’re not super close to them, but i feel my man has been distant with me lately and didn’t hesitate going to find her on fb + was super interested in her conversations tonight.

he’s done this once before. years ago. especially when i’m pregnant. and i’m just assuming and scared it’s happening again. even if the other person isn’t interested, he’s definitely been checking out with me + our relationship.

help ease my mind?