5th time is a charm.... right?!


41+2 here now. It's the second time I'm at the hospital for an induction now. In total, the 5th day. I haven't had a single contraction yet. No signs of baby. They'll only let me go 10 days over. Which would be tomorrow. I have no idea what their plan will be then though.They told me I wont be leaving the hospital without a baby this time around but I honestly lost all hope. My body just won't react to anything. 2 babies were born here last night and the lady next door is screaming at the top of her lungs. I didn't want to experience the same as I did with my son again (3 days of labor, episiotomy, fever, vomiting, terrible pain management and my son being stuck for 3 hours).

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd rather have that pregnancy and birth all over again than this mess.

I wanna go home. I miss my son and everything's been ready for baby girl for months.

The worst are the texts with the unwanted and stupid advice. "You should have gone to this and that hospital" "have they tried this and that yet" "I swear if you do this it'll work""why won't they just do a c-section?!""why arent you giving us an update?!"

Everyone in the hospital knows me by my first name already. I'm known as the lady who will be pregnant forever. It's like I live here already lol