2019 Please please please bring us a rainbow


2018 was not our year. I was pregnant with our fourth and what we though would be our final child, a little boy, an answered wish to the most deserving little boy I’ve ever met. All of our hopes and dreams came crashing down and it began with my husband’s grandmother passing away. Two months later the birth of our son in June, who was born very ill and we were sent home from the NiCu knowing he would not be with us long. My husband and I cared for him around the clock. Two months later I lost my grandmother and the next month my husband got a horrible phone call that his brother passed away. Two days after his funeral my dad’s brother passed away tragically. The day after thanksgiving we woke up to our little boy who had passed away. Our little one passed away between my husband and I.

How quickly our lives spiraled down. It has been extremely difficult to be positive and see the light. I hope 2019 is wonderful and a breath of fresh air not only for myself but for all those girls suffering the heart break of loss or the inability to conceive. Fingers crossed for us girls !

Please please please 2019 bring us a rainbow and sunshine.