Two week wait prayer


Hello my sistas I’m here with another prayer. I’m going to say it in first person so It can sound like u are saying it for yourself:

God my Father, I’m currently putting the rest of the process of TTC in your hands. My husband was the seed, I was the soil and Lord u are the water. Make this happen for me. U know God how long I’ve been trying, and u know the reason why I haven’t conceived. I don’t know why I get mad at u and blame u for my pain. Lord forgive me. Forgive me for cursing u or blaming u or being distance from u because of it. If I have any sins I need to confess to u (speak about them). Forgive me. For u say u will forgive me and erase it from your book. Wipe me clean from sin. Let 2019 be my year to become a mom (again). I love u Daddy. I trust u even if I don’t pregnant this January I trust u will February. But Lord the seed is already there so just water it for January 😇🥰😂

Happy New Year my beautiful sistas be strong ✊🏽