My birth story! Pitocin with no epidural, early water breaking


Here goes! So on December 12th, my water started leaking. I had three checks and sweeps by then- i was 4cm dilated since the first check! It was around 7am and I just knew that’s what it was. Texted my doula and let her know that I was leaking with no contractions. I was 40+6. I knew my midwives would push for me to go to the hospital but I wanted a chance to labor at home and go into labor on my own, so I decided to wait to tell them until after 24 hours (there are many resources out there that say that it’s safe to wait as long as baby and mom are healthy and you watch for warning signs which of course we did!) at 11am on December 13th we went to a NST appointment and I mentioned my water which they immediately checked and confirmed and sent me to the hospital. I went home first and packed, ate lunch, took a walk, cried about not getting to labor at home! Got to the hospital around 3 and by 5:30 we decided to add pitocin to get some contractions going. I swayed and bounced on the ball and didn’t feel anything until the pitocin units were at 8 and then things really ramped up! I was in active labor by 8pm and labored with my husband until 10pm. Then I was begging for my doula and she came just at the right moment! I was breathing through contractions and SO vocal. I was gonna moan and breath and get that baby down! The contractions were painful and the hardest part was the shaking which I wasn’t expecting. I went to the tub but i could tell transition had to be there because there was no way I could do hours more of 1min contractions 2 mins apart. At 12am they checked me and I was complete! I started pushing and the midwife came and o pushed about 8-10 really good contractions and baby girl flew out at 1:26am! Second degree tear because i couldn’t give myself time to stretch. She was 6lbs12oz 21 inches and perfect apgar scores! Some fluid left in her made the first two nights pretty rough :( but we got to go home and now she’s eating and sleeping like a champ! Love my baby girl more than words can say 😍