Missed miscarriage

Kathy • Hoping for a rainbow baby👼🌈 / Army wife!!

So around August of 2018 I got pregnant! I was so happy and excited to become a mommy. Then at 8 weeks I found out my baby stopped growing. I was devastated. I was thinking, "what did I do wrong?, was it my fault?, and "what could I have done to make my baby healthy?" It wasnt my fault is what doctor said. I'm an army wife so I had to do this alone. I'm crying on the table wondering "why me?" Around October of 2018 I had to get a D&C , luckily my husband was there to be with me. After the surgery I was so depressed. I wanted to be a mommy so bad. When I had my last appointment with my doctor she told me to wait after my first period and then try again. I got my period...will I have a rainbow baby?