Help ! My daughter don't want to be a big sister!!


She's so angry and stressed to the extend she has gotten sick. She's worried that I'll love the baby more than her. I have talk to her, and told her it won't change the way I love her but still she won't understand. My husband, my sisters and everyone has talk to her but she refused to understand. She always making some comments. She's 10yrs old what can I do?

Her father and I separated when she was born. I been a single mother until I meet my husband five years ago. He loves her unconditionally. But she really don't want a sister or brother. I'm pregnant now. At first when I told her she was excited and as the months went by she started changing. Crying, refusing to eat. Starving herself all day. Please help me I don't want this to continue until I give birth. I been educating her almost 2months now yet nothing has changed