Super nervous, getting induced in the morning


So about 5am Saturday I went to the bathroom, as I turned to flush the toilet I felt a strange "gurgle" in my pelvis and there was suddenly a puddle of liquid about the size of my palm on the floor, it was completely clear but my first thought was "great I've just peed everywhere" 🙄 then I thought that it might be my waters, as I was wiping it up I smelt it and it didn't smell like anything. I was pretty confident that it was my waters so I figured I'd start getting contractions soon after so I went to bed to try and get some sleep.

I woke up and nothing had changed, I wasn't cramping or contracting so I figured I'd just peed, over the next couple of days I continued to leak occasionally but thought nothing of it because baby had dropped Saturday night after my husband & I went for a walk so I thought baby was just sitting on my bladder. Yesterday afternoon I spoke to my husband's nan (who used to be a nurse) about the leaking and she said my waters might be ruptured but not completely broken.

So this morning I called the midwives and they had me come in, they didn't have the little indicator to test of amniotic fluid (had to get it from the next town over which is roughly 45 minutes away) so they had me lay down to see if the liquid would pool and had me cough 😳. Nothing happened so they assumed I was just peeing myself but said they'd call and get me back in when the test arrived. I left at about 10:30am and went to spend the day with my mum & brother's while my husband was at work. The midwives called at 4:30pm to get me to come back in for the test so I come in and they swab me & it's positive 😲 at this point it's been 3 days since my waters broke so I'm being kept overnight & given antibiotics and I'm getting induced in the morning, the doctor checked my cervix (ouch 😬) and I'm only 1cm dialated but she said my cervix is soft, short & she can stretch me to a 3-4cm so they're hoping I'll go into labour by myself overnight (and I've been having regular cramps and back pain since she checked me). I'm so scared because I wanted to labour at home for as long as possible and avoid being induced 😖