Teen relationship


So there this guy that I’ve been friends with for a year now and I started liking him so I told him and he said that he liked me we’re very close friends but we really like each other and we’ve had sex and he told me that he would have been taken that next step with (as making me his girlfriend) but he scared that he going to hurt me or if we break up our friendship won’t be the same and for the longest he made me feel unwanted and that I wasn’t good enough tell we finally had a talk about our feelings some weeks went by and he called himself making a promise to me that he wouldn’t have sex with no one else but me until one of us get into a relationship and have sex with someone else I asked him why he wants make that promise to me he told it’s his way of showing that he is committed to me even tho he’s not my boyfriend and I’m trying so hard to get over him cause he made it clear that we are not going to be together and when I say that he get up set with me what should I do 🥵please help ❗️❗️