Should I be concerned?

Kelsey • Baby Girl #1 was born 10/5/17 Baby Girl #2 due 2/17/19 😊

This is my 2nd pregnancy and my two will be very close in age (16mo apart) so I feel dumb for asking this since it’s not my first rodeo AND I just went to this rodeo 15 months ago! 😂

I’m pretty sure I lost part of my plug this morning. I lost my plug last time too but not until 39ish weeks. I ended up getting induced at 41+1 so it didn’t mean much for me anyway.

My question is, should I be worried at all? I’m 33 weeks. I get sharp shooting pains down low and feel quite a bit of pressure—-both are things I got last time too but not until much later. I’ve been getting sharp shooting pains for a couple weeks now.

My friend thinks I may be dilating already because she had this happen and turns out she was and had the baby not too long after. They told her to stay off her feet as much as possible. I want this baby to stay put for another month so wondering if I need to take it easy.

Obviously I’ll bring this up at my 34w appointment but was curious if anyone else is getting this so soon?