Second time induction birth story

Ashlynn • I`m 23 and married. I have stage 3 Endometriosis. Mom of 3 December Babes 💞💞💙

The birth of our second daughter.

Our induction was scheduled for 4am on December 27th 2018 at 39w because of IUGR. We received a call at 3:30 saying they were full. But since we live an hour and a half away we were already almost there. We decided to wait in the parking lot for a bed to open up. We got called back in at 5:30, got a bed and checked in, an IV placed and waited for my dr she came in at 8, broke my water and we started pitocin at 8:30. (I was 3cm and 80% effaced) it took a bit for contractions to start and I was easily able to breathe through them. Everything was great. The contractions started to get pretty intense at around noon. I was really having to focus and breathe through them. The nurses came in and told me my daughters heartbeat was dropping with every contraction, like very badly. I really didn’t have a choice but to get an epidural even though I didn’t want it and didn’t have one with my first. The epidural was placed at around 1:30pm I was a 5 and 90% effaced, thankfully the dude who did the epidural was amazing. Feeling no pain was great but I definitely didn’t like the numb feeling. At 2 the nurses came in and said they weren’t satisfied with babies heart. They placed a internal monitor on babies head in hopes to get a better reading. At around 3 they came in and placed a balloon in my uterus and filled it with saline so it would act as a cushion so baby wouldn’t be taking the force of the contractions, I was a 6 and 100% effaced. At 4 my Dr came in and checked me I was complete and ready to push. She had me do 2 practice pushes and the n the nurses came in to break the bed down. I pushed 9 times through 3 contractions and baby was here at 4:26pm after 8 hours of active labor. When she came out she had the cord wrapped twice around her neck and once around her left arm. She weighed 6.7 and was 18.75 inches long.