bleeding during sex??

so im 17 and i had sex for the first time last night, it hurt and i bled q a lot, wasn’t particularly pleasurable i’m ngl but my boyfriend (18 and had had sex before) was so supportive about it all, he gave me some of his boxers and put legally blonde (one of my fave films) on and spent the rest of the night telling me how much he loved me and we laughed about the whole situation, was surprisingly nice considering i bled all over his penis & his bed lmao

however, i’m assuming it’s the hymen that’s been torn/stretched or whatever and that’s why i bled, but what’s the likelihood i’m going to bleed again?? also guessing there’s probably still going to be some pain for the next couple of times and i can deal with that but i just wanted to know if i might bleed again so i can be a bit more prepared hahaha

thanks :)