Anemia 🙄

Cora • Mom of three💖💖💙 | Licensed Hairdresser🖤

I had to get blood drawn yesterday and my levels came back 9.7 for iron or hemoglobin (honestly can’t remember). So my OB wants me to get an iron infusion. I’m okay with that. I honestly need it. I’ve been feeling so lightheaded and dizzy and tired and I can’t tolerate the iron pills. I think it’s worse this pregnancy than it was with my first. Now every time I have a contraction, I get dizzy. But it has to be approved by insurance because it’ll be an outpatient procedure since he doesn’t want to admit me. They’re taking forever to get back with my OB about it and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they denied it 🙄

I’m due any day now and I just feel annoyed that insurance has such a huge say in important things when it comes to the health of their people using their insurance. You wonder why people don’t seek treatment more often ... because insurance doesn’t want to cover stuff.