Am I wrong?

So my SO and I have been having sex for the last week and the sex has been completely lacking. We could be in the middle of sex and his manhood goes completely limp and he expects me to suck in it everytime for lord knows how long to get it back hard. When it stays limp he just smacks his lips and pushes me away like I did something wrong. We last had sex like 8 days ago and for the last 5 times it happened every time. I brought it up and he was sarcastic and said maybe it’s something you’re not doing. He won’t even seriously talk to me about what’s going on. So I’ve decided I don’t wanna have sex. I’m tired of waisting my energy and nobody is pleasured. I guess he just realized after 8 days we haven’t had sex and tried to get some while I was sleep last night but I pushed him away and said no. We have been ttc but I’m just over it really and am not sure I wanna do it anymore. How are we supposed to make a baby and he never comes and the sex is whack? He cooks all meals in the house for me and the kids because I work and I just asked him what’s for dinner and he’s like I’m not cooking anything and I’m like so what are we eating and he just looked at me. Im fed up really and don’t have time for this because if you can’t be a grown man and discuss what’s going on in our bedroom then I don’t have to explain why I won’t have sex with you. Am I wrong ladies? Should I calm down and take a lighter approach to the situation?

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