Help 😢

Guess • 🔹Married to my high school sweet heart🔹Mom of three amazing boys, Maverick born Jan 2017, Arius born Sept 2018, and Draxton born Aug 2021

So my son had a very rough start to life he had meningitis at 2 weeks old and rsv at 4 weeks both hospitalizing him. He is now 3 months old and I just went back to work and things are not going well. Despite all my efforts on maternity leave to get baby on a bottle he didn’t take to it. he is eating between 2-4oz in the 11 hours I’m away from him. He will not latch onto the bottle they have to drip the milk in his mouth. He also got a tooth at 2 months old and is shredding my nipples with it. Last night they were bleeding so bad while I pumped I just threw the milk out bc there was so much blood in it.

I took him to a Lactation consultant today and she said his latch was perfect and that I NEED to get him on a bottle bc he is at risk for loosing weight and being considered failure to thrive. She said I need to only nurse with a nipple shield so he gets used to the texture and only do bottle during the day on weekends and push a pacifier on him in between in hopes that he gets used to the fake nipples. I just tried the nipple shield and it didn’t go well he cried so hard he threw up. I ended up just giving him plain boob but I know that I need to work on this or we will have serious issues. I’m such a ball of anxiety I feel like I’m on the verge of a full blown panic attack at all times and I have no idea What to do 😢😢😢