1 year shots is this normal?


My daughter is currently 16 months but at her 1 year check appointment I wanted to get all her shots in 1 day to get them over with well I asked friends and stuff how many shots it was and they all said 5 well when we went to get them she said she was only getting 3 so I was under the impression that was it and she was up to date on shots when we went to her 15 month check up I thought it was just a check up but they told us she needed 2 shots apparently the nurse giving the shots was breaking them up needless to say she has been replaced but she had these shots on the 3rd and has never had a reaction with them there's a knot under the spot and it looks horrible she's also cutting milers and has blisters on her bottom lip inside kinda look like cold sores I called the Doc and the nurse said theknot was normal and could last a few days but she flinches if I touch it and cries I just want to know if it's normal she got the second part of the 4 month shots