Eating after not eating for long??


I am looking for advice on how to start eating regularly again after almost two months of starvation. I started college and things got complicated bc I am disabled and couldnt cook, got busy, etc. I came home but immediately got sent to the hospital bc my meds overdosed my liver but that also meant there was very very small amounts of food and the little I ate I wanted to puke it out.

Now that I am home I have a couple of weeks to relax and learn to eat again. It feels weird because one second I am fine and the other I feel like I have not eaten in days. When I eat, I dont have that craving for food anymore, I just want the pain of hunger to go away. Other times I have gas and feel full or feel ultra thirsty. Also because of the hospital for 9 days I dont ever want to see chicken and soup im my life (at least for now). It feels odd because I always had such a close relationship to food and now I want to gain it back. Does someone have any advice??