TTC #2 for 2yrs+


Hi all

The pain of secondary infertility! Exhausted today as I enter another 2WW (of the longest cycle yet)

Ovulation at day 22.


Clearblue advance fertility monitor:-(Peak)

Simple OPK (back up plan 😂😂)

BBT (final confirmation!)

I have had a peak every single cycle I have used CBFM (except one unusually short 19 days cycle..)

Two positive pregnancy tests in two different months followed by negative few days later..Chemical pregnancy!

No diagnosis No answers. Referred to gyno finally as my doctor has initially been refusing as I already have 1 son and don’t quality for <a href="">fertility treatment</a>(UK NHS rules)

I demanded referral for medical reason as my cycle is all over the place and I get pelvic pain.

just want to know what is going on down there medically!

P.S first pregnancy I conceived on first month of trying!