I'm sick of being treated this way!!!


Ok so my husband and I split up for about a month and I was talking to another guy who was literally just my friend at first, he took me out to get me out of the house, held me while I cried over a guy who mistreated and disrespected me for months!!!! Things did take a turn and I ended up having sex with him, I do regret the decision I made and wished it would've never happened but I've learned and grew from my mistake, my husband and I ended up getting back together and he knows EVERYTHING!!! Down to every detail of the night this guy and I had sex... I've asked my hsuabnd multiple times to stop bringing up what happened so we can move on and work on our relationship but every time I turn around he is calling me a liar about when, where, and what me and this guy did when we were split up.

He makes smart remarks that I'm always trying to do something behind his back or everything i want to do its because I'm trying to see this dude when in reality I could give a f*ck less about him... not too mention I'm not even aloud out of our car at our local gas station or anywhere in our community cause he's either scared of someone seeing me or me seeing them... I'm not even aloud to have a job around here.

He posted on Facebook two days after we split up saying I cheated on him (which I never did, this dude and I had sex 2 weeks after we split) and EVERYONE in our community and surrounding communities knew, he embarrassed me and made me look like such a bad person when behind closed doors no one knew what he was doing to me everyday...

I don't understand how someone can blame someone for something they done, he pushed me away multiple times and was always very mentally abusive towards me, he acts like a child and sometimes I wonder if he will ever grow up so maybe one day we can be happy together and put things in the past for our future and hopefully future children, I love this man and I'm all the time sticking around hoping that I can change him or he'll change himself, I feel stupid and let down so bad.. I laid my life down for him, I gave him everything he ever wanted from me, I let him control my life and my every move for way too long and now I know my worth and I refuse to let him treat me the way he always has!!!!

Something has got to change or I think I'm going to either explode or lose my mind...