2nd Hand Weed Smoke

Im Currently 38 Weeks And 5 Days And I Know TheY Check Babies For Weed And When I Found Out I Was Pregnant I Stopped But Around 20 Something Weeks I Hit The Blunt A afew Times Every Now And Then ...Then I Stopped Again And The Last Time I Hit The Blunt Was Either 30 Weeks Or 30 Something Weeks I Know Since About 34 35 Weeks I Havent Smoked ...My Boyfriend Smokes Heavily Though Even If Im In The Car It Usually Doesnt Bother Me Recently I Just Let The Window Down A Bit...But Im Scared Its Gonna Be In My System Just By Inhaling 2nd Hand Smoke ...When We’re In The Room He Smokes And He Trys To Fan It Away But It Ends Up Near Me And I May Inhale It ...Will It Be In Mine Or My Babies System ? Please No Negative Comments