I slept with my ex


So after a month of being broken up, and seeing him once to chat about things I was feeling and him trying to give me someone answers, we had been chatting over text on and off since( I asked him to just kind of let me know how his day was going since we had texted everyday for 4 and a half years) and we met up to talk one more time before I left for school and we talked for 5 hours. I felt things getting a little sexually tense. Neither of us have had sex in nearly 2 months since then and we both had thought about hitting the other up for a little somethin-somethin but neither of us did. And then he hit me up that night and I went over and we had what I thought was one of if not the best sex we’ve ever had. But I didn’t speak up and say I wanted to cuddle after(which I really regret maybe he would have felt something). I wanted to maybe rekindle something but I was also sexually frustrated and I knew he was sexually frustrated too. And he told me it did nothing to change his feelings. But it changed mine....I knew I wanted to be with him before we had sex but now I want to even more.

Can anyone offer any advice? I’m in a place where I don’t feel as if I’m going to die with out him and that I don’t need to be with him. But I still want to be with him...am I stupid? Am I crazy 😔