Tomorrow! 😬😬

Devon 💞 2 Sons 6 & 2 👣Baby Grayson born 7-13-19 •

Ok, I see all you ladies having your NT genetic tests and I have been so happy to see the good results, and I've been smiling to myself about all the nerves, knowing everything about was going to turn out great for all of you. 😍

I always tell myself I'm not going to get nervous like this again, but night before my NT scan and I am so nervous! 😂 So worried and concerned for the baby, that we won't see anything positive, that baby won't be alive, that he/she won't be healthy, that there is no baby in there, afterall!!! 🙄

My third child, and I still feel these ways...

Sigh - we are all the same, aren't we? Something about an upcomming ultrasound just fills you with so much excitement and nerves!!!

Please tell me it will all be okay! I am so anxious to see the baby!

12 weeks 6 days tomorrow. 😯😥😬😬

How did your scans go?