The Pacsun Cashier

Some background info: My name is Sage. I have long, straight dirty blonde hair and green eyes, that’s why my name is Sage. I have a small body with size C boobs, i’m 5’4”

I run into the mall as fast as a can considering it closes in 15 minutes. I wander aimlessly wondering where Pacsun is, I have no clue where anything in this mall is. I finally find it and start looking around.

I heard this voice. It’s deep, but not raspy, it’s soft and gentle. It says

“Hey we’re closing soon you might have better luck coming in tomorrow.”

I turn around to see a brown haired, blue eyed boy with the most amazing jaw line I had ever seen...

And oh god the body🤤 You could see the perfectly toned silhouette right through his tight Vans shirt.

“Hi um yea I’m going to this uh thing tomorrow morning and I really need something to wear I just um don’t really have the time to run by tomorrow and I need to get it now.”

“Oh um okay I’m actually the only one working right now and our last girl worker left about 20 minutes ago so if you need anything just tell me. My name is Owen”

“Thank you, I’m Sage”

I look around for a minute and I feel eyes on me. I turn around and I see him looking at me from behind the counter he quickly turns away and I can see him blushing. And I smile and turn away and continue to shop. After a few more minutes of looking he comes up behind me and shows me a dress. It’s a yellow sundress with buttons going up the chest. It’s perfect for the breakfast tomorrow.

“Hey um you’ve been looking for a little while and I thought I’d help you. Uh this dress would probably look good with your hair.”

He’s right.

“Oh wow this is great Im um gonna go try it on. Can I get a room?”

“Of course.”

He unlocks the door to the dressing room, it was actually kinda big, and I step in as he shuts it behind me. I take off my clothes trying to hurry, I don’t wanna make him stay late. I slip on the dress but I can’t seem to zip it up, especially with my nails. After a minute or two I hear Owen.

“How’s it looking?”

“Oh um it looks great. Uh I can’t really um get it to zip and I uh just don’t like um-“

“You need my help?”

I don’t say anything and I just open the door and he’s right in front of me and he look at me biting his lip

“Oh um it looks really good.”

I blush. He steps in and and the door shuts behind him. He grabs the zipper and slowly zips it up and whispers to me

“You look gorgeous in this dress.”

He bites my ear lightly and I lay my head back on his shoulder and touch his face with