BH or contractions?

I know people have posted about this and I always lean towards the Bh side. But I’ve been having infrequent contractions since 6pm last night. They stopped when I laid down but when I was up we’re every 5-7 minutes. So I slept and today every time I stand I’ve had them. Well now it’s 6pm and I’ve been getting them every 10-30 minutes despite laying down. I have had a lot of water today, I’ve been in bed or laying on the couch all day. (By lots of water I mean including a 32oz water bottle in an hour just to make sure) going in to the hospital will cost a lot for me but I’m only 33+2. Any advice? Oh contractions start at the top of my uterus and feel identical to my labor ones but I know they can feel the same but still be Bh.