I need some serious help😭

Okay y’all I know some of y’all are probably gonna have some hateful comments about this but it is what it is. I don’t need negativity I just need to know what to do.im 15 and my boyfriend is 19 we are sexually active and my mom knows.i have been puking for the last week and my stomach has been killing me. My period didn’t come today I’m worried I’m pregnant if comes on time every month. Me and him went and got a test from Walmart I’m gonna take it tomorrow morning.im not sure if I’ve waited long enough to get accurate results but I got the first response early result test. I’m so nervous to take it in the morning because like a week ago my mom said if he ever got me pregnant she’s call the cops and have him put in jail. I’m so confused/scared of what to do if that test comes up positive tomorrow 😭😭😭