So me and my mom have a very fragile relationship. She’s just not been a very good parent. Juggled back and forth between being a radical Christian and an alcoholic. Long story short her main worries are making sure appearances are good and getting her way.

Anyways, growing up unless it was for appearances she really had nothing to do with me. She’d also kicked my older sister out at 14 so I didn’t have any support or guidance. I struggled a lot in a lot of different areas.

Fast forward to present day she decided to pull her Good Samaritan crap and tell me that she’s suspected me of having high functioning autism for much of my youth (because it runs in the family evidently 🙄). Now being evaluated and possibly provided with the correct therapy and or assistance during my youth could have helped a lot. But now as an adult does it really make a difference?! I have adapted to my differences and lead a fairly normal life. What can anyone do at this point? Sprinkle some magical dust over my head and call me normal?!

Nowadays my dad and stepmom and the only two I really have a relationship with I’m very close to both. It’s nice to have that support.