GoFund me account for headstone?

Back in April we lost our son at 16 weeks pregnant thankfully the funeral home is absolutely amazing and doesn't charge for any child under 18 and also "gifted" us his tiny baby casket and we buried him in our family cemetery... I am unemployed due to quitting my job from pregnancy complications in March... Our due date is coming up and we figured we'd be able to have a headstone/ Gravemarker by now and we don't and as his due date approaches the emptier my arms feel and I can't help but think my baby boy needs more than just a metal stick with a paper card... I see people make go fund me accounts for all types of things... Would it be completely tacky and immoral to make an account to raise the $585 I need for his headstone? Please no judging... I haven't even toldusband I've considered this because he would never ask others for help