10DPO, Who with me? 🤗

Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind 🖤

10DPO - I feel like my period is coming as I have been waking up with a heavy belly for days. My Husband said that I have been eating more over the past few days and I agree that I have, but I told him it has nothing to do with Pregnancy but rather I have been comfort eating 😩. This morning with FMU I used a HCG Strip and it was negative. Did I feel sad? Yes I did but that's okay. I am sure I would have some symptoms If I was pregnant. I had all sorts going on with my first pregnancy and had no Idea I was Pregnant 😄. I have had a headache for days too. Probably because I soul search a lot. I am a thinker (not about pregnancy) but my purpose of Life and creation of God. So along with the headache, I am feeling some ear ache today, my eyes feel strained, have a stuffy nose and I am getting a sore throat. I have been indoors for 4 days, Where did I catch germs from? 😢.

I am going to test everyday until my Period arrives on Friday as I want to use all the HCG tests that I have, as I used Preseed and BD every other day during my fertile window.

I am going to update everyday until my period arrives. Watch this space. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe 😂. I'm so silly 🙈.

How are you feeling? Share with me!


11DPO - I had a terrible night, hardly slept. Woke up at 6am to use the restroom, didn't take a test as I was feeling awful. My nose was running, my head was aching, I felt droopy, my eyes and throat were hurting. I ate a couple of crackers and took some Vitamin C and a cough drop and went and laid back down. I was still tossing and turning, didnt get much sleep. All day I have had ear ache, headache, stuffy runny nose, body ache and been shivering, feeling so cold even though outside its been in the 70's. I have had no cramps or any feeling that my period is coming but I think all the focus has gone to my cold 😄. I am struggling to write this but figured I would update if anyone cares to read it. Still feeling cold even though I have a blanket and hot water bottle on me. I am going to take an alka seltzer plus and go to sleep because I am so worn out and need some sleep. After a good night rest, I will hopefully feel better tomorrow.

12DPO - So my headache and body ache has gone. I have still felt terrible today. Managed to cook and eat as my hunger came back. Still not feeling any cramps or tunmy pain today for my period coming. I guess I will feel it again tomorrow or Friday. HCG strip was negative 🙄. I told my Husband I am going out tomorrow to buy chocolate and soak in my feelings when my period arrives. He didnt disagree 😊.

13DPO - Feeling somewhat better. Congestion has cleared up but nose still sore and runny. I went out today and it felt good to get some fresh air. I been feeling kinda moody, I am not the type to have mood swings, I'm actually pretty laid back but I guess its PMS hormones 😞. Period due tomorrow, I havent had any feeling of it coming but I am sure its on its way.

Sunday January 13th - My period came this morning which I was expecting.