32 weeks and Worried

So I know Braxton Hicks can start super early and don’t necessarily mean anything. I’ve been getting them regularly since I was 18 weeks. But now that I’m 32 weeks, my belly looks like it has dropped, my Braxton Hicks are ALOT stronger and uncomfortable, even give me more pain in my back than i already have, I have a lot of pressure/pain in my lower stomach/pelvic area since my stomach has dropped. Also, i have had a lot of Braxton Hicks within an hour (4-5) which my doctor said to watch out for (yes I’m staying hydrated). For my small frame and what not my family has even questioned if my due date was wrong. I know some of these things don’t mean anything but I just feel like my sons gong to come a little early. Should I be worried ? Obviously I’m a first time mom. Guess I’m looking for some sort of advice or something