Birth option help/opinions

Hi ladies! Hoping one of you has had a similar experience...I was in an accident 9 years ago and they had to insert 3 screws into my pelvis as it was cracked and then removed it about 2 years later. I don't really have a lot of problems with my pelvis but it does get sore at night when I sleep and also I can't spread my legs for more than 10 minutes at a time, it gets extremely painful. I would love to give natural birth but I'm afraid of having problems with my hips/pelvis after the birth as well as scared that the baby will get stuck if I'm unable to push her out. The surgeons back then said that there is a big possibility that I won't ever be able to give natural birth and my gynae now says he isn't sure of how bad the damage was but we can try for natural but have scheduled a c-section for the time being. My husband says he'll support whichever one I choose but prefers that I go for c-section in case of more damage to my pelvis. I have a natural waddle since the accident lol. Do you ladies have any advice or similar stories? Should I just stick to having a c-section?