Karlena • Pregnant with baby #3!! Due Sept. 16, 2015❤️
This past week I went into the hospital for preterm labor (36 weeks) and I was put on Procardia 3 times per day. Well I saw my Dr. Today and she told me not to take the procardia Thursday night and that I could go to L&D Friday and she would deliver me. The thing is, is that if I give birth Friday I will not be out of the hospital in time to see my youngest daughter go to her first day of Kindergarten and my oldest daughters first day of 3rd grade 😢. So I really want to stay on the meds. My Dr. Said that if I dont go into labor Friday, then she will schedule me for Sept. 9th to have my c-section... So I am stuck on what to do. I am leaning towards just staying on the meds to make it to Sept. 9th. What do you ladies think?